Commonly believed   New thinking
Stimulating dopamine system helps patients with ADHD focus, so ADHD must be in the brain  
  • Everyone responds to dopamine stimulation, patients with ADHD just need it more
  • Sensory nerves are “over-sensitive”
  • It is possible to restore normal sensitivity by boosting serum potassium
  • Patients say new approach is “Nothing short of miraculous”
Lidocaine generally works; if not, infection or missed nerve to blame  
    For the subgroup with ADHD and lidocaine ineffectiveness:
  • Lidocaine ineffectiveness is inherited
  • Sensory nerve issue likely causes both ADHD and lidocaine ineffectiveness
  • Likely mechanism is channelopathy
  • Other anesthetics work – important to know lidocaine status to help patients avoid unnecessary pain
ADHD subgroup’s other symptoms are random co-morbidities  
  • ADHD subtype is syndromic
  • Boosting potassium also reduces other symptoms

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