Senior Leadership Team

Feldman Lynn Feldman, MBA, Chief Executive Officer

Lynn is an experienced entrepreneur with over 15 years leading three companies. She has led teams raising >$5 million in non-dilutive SBIR grant dollars to complement millions raised in equity finance. She is accomplished at managing the life science and biotech projects with clinical and research collaborators and has significant sales and marketing experience. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Lynn spent a 15 years at the Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey & Company. She received her M.B.A from Harvard Business School and her BA from Harvard College.

Segal Michael M Segal, MD PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Segal is a neurologist and neuroscientist who has won national and international prizes for his research. He did his undergraduate work at Harvard and his MD and PhD at Columbia, where his thesis research outlined rules for the types of chemical synapses that will form in a nervous system. After his residency in pediatric neurology at Columbia, he moved to Harvard, where he joined the faculty and developed the microisland system for studying small numbers of brain neurons in culture. Using this system, he developed a reductionistic model of epilepsy. This work on neurophysiology and single ion channels, together with his work on rare diseases at SimulConsult, set the stage for elucidation of the molecular mechanism for a subgroup of patients with attention deficit disorder. He is one of the medical advisors of the Periodic Paralysis Association. Click here for a list of publications. (7823106, 2283535, 1646871, 23576414, 24938135, 18174562, 11771645, 9697119, 9212254).

Berenson Richard Berenson, JD MBA, Chief Financial Officer

Rick has been building early-stage companies and developing practical, break-through strategies for more than twenty-five years. He has been CEO or COO of eleven companies; most recently Thermalin Diabetes, LLC (CEO, biotech) and HeartLander Surgical, Inc. (CEO, medical device). Rick has also led companies in consumer products manufacturing, knowledge management, new media, entertainment industry technology, manufacturing software, healthcare information and services, healthcare market research, diagnostic reference laboratory services, and cancer immunotherapeutics. He has raised or helped raise more than $80M in private and non-dilutive capital. As Managing Director of his consulting firm, Venzyme Catalyst, LLC, he has helped launch and finance life science organizations around important new technologies in complex markets. Rick received a JD-MBA from Harvard Law and Business Schools in 1984 and is a graduate of Harvard College.

Berenson Jeff Arnold, Strategic Advisor

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur and active life sciences investor, serves as strategic advisor with extensive experience in all stages of company development. He has been the CEO or Chairman of five life science companies, both public and private, including those with therapeutic and diagnostic products, and has raised over $150M with multiple exits. Jeff is a graduate of MIT in Electrical Engineering.

Scientific Team

Neurology Mark Mintz MD
Genetics Joseph Gleeson MD
Psychiatry Irina Mezhebovsky MD
Dentistry Victor Badner DMD
Pain disorders Robert Sundel MD
Cardiology Evelyn Horn MD
Reproductive Endocrinology Ana Paula Abreu Metzger MD PhD
Regulatory Allan Green MD PhD JD
Lee Simon MD
Drug formulation Christian Moreton PhD
Reimbursement Ed Berger PhD
IP Cooper McDonald PhD JD

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